Make your organisation's remote or hybrid working policy more attractive by offering a home exchange option between your employees in multiple locations.

Our online platform takes care of profiling, homes, home offices, calendars, browsing and swapping.

Just invite your employees to opt-in to home exchange with colleagues who live in other destinations and who have home office facilities.

Employer Benefits

If you already offer some form of remote or hybrid working as a staff benefit, why not support employees to remote work from a different location?

Here are just some of the benefits to offering home swap to your employees:


Recruit and retain staff

  • Position your company as a modern employer who understands the needs of today’s workforce
  • Stand out from your competitors with this unique benefit
  • Retain staff as your employees can work from anywhere you have employees (who want to home swap)
  • Happy employees can be more productive, stay longer, and recommend you to friends and family


Encourage communications

  • Members communicate via our platform to enquire about homes and destinations
  • Swapping homes with workspaces creates an opportunity to engage with colleagues
  • It’s a fun and informal way to learn more about each other
  • Swappers can share their stories of new locations and cultures, post swap



Live your dream life of working from anywhere in the world, in a dedicated workspace and comfortable home, without paying for accommodation.
Our 4 step verification process includes independent testing of wi-fi strength and robustness, so you - and your employer - have peace of mind that you can work productively from any Swapoffi location. Work and travel like a pro with Swapoffi.

What Employers Need to Know?


The main barrier remote workers have when planning travel is the cost of accommodation. Swapoffi removes this as members never pay for accommodation, only a low cost community membership fee.


A key finding of our market research is that verification and trust are most important for home swaps. Your employees already have trust under your brand name and as a ready formed group.


We have a 4 step verification process for all home swappers. We verify the person, the home, the work space and its features. Finally, we independently confirm Wi-Fi robustness.


All the work is done on www.swapoff.com. Members create profiles, upload details of their home and home office, browse homes, communicate with other members and book swaps all on our site.


Benefits to Employers

As an employer, you can rest assured that in every home swap, your staff have the facilities to work productively and in comfort.

Our home exchange is unique as all our homes have a work space. This can be a dedicated home office, or an area in another room within the home.

We require members to complete a detailed profile of their work space - as well as their home – to allow other members to browse and select their preferred working environment, as well as preferred travel location.


Membership Cost

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss more.

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