Swapoffi’s Employer Programme

Unique Benefits For Remote Employees

Looking for unique and sought-after benefits for remote employees? Make your organisation's working policy truly irresistible by introducing a unique employee incentive program: the opportunity to exchange homes with workspaces and wifi, and work from any corner of the globe!

Invite your employees to opt-in to Swapoffi home exchange, either with colleagues or with other members of Swapoffi’s global home-swapping community.

Rest easy knowing that every Swapoffi home undergoes verification, ensuring dedicated workspaces and dependable internet connections, guaranteeing your employees have the tools they need for peak productivity.

Employer Benefits

If you already offer some form of benefits for your remote or hybrid employees, why not help them to remote-work from a different location?

Here are just some of the benefits of offering home swap perks for employees:


Recruit and retain staff

  • Position your company as a modern employer that caters to the needs of today's remote workforce.
  • Stand out from your competitors and position your company as a forward-thinking brand.
  • Encourage a happier, more loyal workforce by offering the flexibility to work from anywhere, leading to increased productivity and positive word-of-mouth referrals.


Encourage communications

  • Build a sense of unity and encourage informal interaction among employees who swap homes with each other - a fun and informal way to get to know one another.
  • Boost engagement among all team members when swappers share stories after their travels.
  • Increase multi-cultural understanding.


EmployeePerks and Benefits

  • Work from Anywhere: Enjoy the freedom to work from diverse locations worldwide, equipped with dedicated workspaces and comfortable accommodations.
  • Affordable travel: home swapping eliminates the biggest expense when you travel - the cost of accommodation. You can travel more, longer, or further when you don't pay for accommodation.
  • Unlimited swap requests: your Swapoffi membership includes unlimited swap requests anywhere we have a home. Where will your first swap be?
  • Management Support: Have the full support of your employer when you travel and work from a Swapoffi location

What Employers Need to Know?


Guest Damage Protection: Swapoffi works with a specialist third-party provider to give you and your employees peace of mind in the unlikely event that accidental or other damage occurs during a swap.


Comprehensive Verification: Our four-step verification process ensures the legitimacy of both homes and workspaces. We confirm personal identity, home ownership or tenancy, and the link between the user and the home, providing peace of mind for all parties involved.


GDPR: Swapoffi complies with European data protection legislation. See our privacy policy for more.


Effortless Management: All aspects of home swapping are managed conveniently through our user-friendly platform, with personal dashboards to create profiles plus private messaging to request swaps. Thus, this can be one of the easiest and most rewarding benefits for remote employees.


A Productive
Working Environment

As an employer, you can rest assured that in every home swap, your staff have the facilities to work productively and in comfort.

Our home exchange is unique as all our homes have a workspace. We require members to complete a detailed profile of their workspace - as well as their home – to allow other members to browse and select their preferred working environment, as well as preferred travel location.

Whether the workspace is a dedicated home office or an area in another room within the home, your employees will have the option to work efficiently from any location worldwide!


Membership Cost

Contact us today for a personalised quote and further discussion about how Swapoffi can revolutionise your organisation's benefits for remote workers.

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