About Swapoffi

Frequently Asked Questions

Swapoffi is a community of verified home swappers who swap homes with each other, so we don’t have to pay for accommodation, when we work and travel.

Traditionally, home exchanges are for families for annual vacations. Swapoffi is different as our members each have a home office space in their homes, so members can work whilst we travel.
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There are two ways to swap homes with Swapoffi:

  • Two Way Swap
  • This is a direct swap when you exchange your home with another member, for the same dates and same duration. No Swappie credits are earned or spent in a two way swap.
  • One Way Swap
  • This is when you stay in another member’s home, which is available for swapping, but they do not stay in your home, at that time or maybe never.
    The host earns Swappie credits to spend in the future, with any member. The guest “spends” Swappie credits to stay.
    No money is exchanged between host and guest in any swap scenario.

Swapoffi is 100% owned by its co-founders.

We are remote workers who also love to travel. We couldn’t find a home and home office swap, and so we set up Swapoffi to solve our own problem.

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Swapoffi is made from two words - ‘swap’ and ‘office’. Get it? swap office, or Swapoffi. Genius, we know ☺.

  • Free accommodation, always
  • We eliminate the cost of accommodation for our members. As accommodation is usually the most expensive part of travelling, our members can travel for longer.
  • A new way of living and working
  • The way people work has changed forever. Swapoffi offers a dream lifestyle to remote workers, hybrid workers and digital nomads. You don’t have to choose between travel or work anymore, you can have it all with Swapoffi.
  • Productive working environment
  • Working from cafés, beaches and balconies doesn’t cut it. We need proper working environments to do our best work. All Swapoffi homes come with a home office environment as well as reliable Wi-Fi.
    Read the profile of each of our homes to find your match, as all workspaces are unique.
  • Enjoy the comforts of a real home
  • For the most authentic travel experience, stay in a real home not tourist accommodation.
  • Low environmental impact
  • By using existing homes, we are not feeding into the demand for new build hotels.
    With occasional swaps, we are not renting long-term accommodation that would otherwise be used by local people.
    Our members are not landlords and so do not profit from accommodation that could otherwise be used by local people.
  • Community based
  • Swapoffi is a community built on verifications, conversations and swaps amongst like-minded people. We are self-funded. Help us spread the word about Swapoffi, ask your friends to join us.
    The more members we have, the more destinations and homes we can choose from.

Traditional home exchange services have been around for decades and typically cater for families taking annual vacations.

Swapoffi is a community of digital nomads and remote workers, usually singles or couples, who travel and work remotely as a lifestyle, often all year round.

Swapoffi homes have a workspace or dedicated home office - as well as sleeping and living accommodation -, so our members can work from any home.

Swapoffi caters for a lifestyle, not just a vacation.

Yes. Your Swapoffi membership allows you to swap as often as you want, and for as long as you want, depending on the availability of members’ homes.

Yes. Your Swapoffi membership allows you to swap as often as you want, and for as long as you want, depending on the availability of members’ homes.

Homes of all sizes and shapes are welcome in Swapoffi. Our only mandatory requirement is that your home must have a fit for purpose workspace or home office, plus robust and reliable Wi-Fi.

Yes, if the terms of your lease or rental contract allow it or speak to your landlord or home owner.

We recommend that your landlord or home-owner advises their home insurance provider that this property is part of a home exchange community.

People who join Swapoffi love to travel, and work as they travel. Our community is made up of digital nomads, remote workers and hybrid workers.

Our homes are verified for Wi-Fi and a workspace, as well as sleeping and living accommodation.

Members join Swapoffi to save money on accommodation, and get a productive, professional working environment wherever they stay.

All adults who own or rent a home are welcome to join Swapoffi. (Tenants, please check the conditions of your lease).

Our membership is made up of people who can work remotely and who like to travel. They need a workspace to work productively, and Wi-Fi for connectivity. Most of all, they prefer to swap accommodation instead of paying for it.

Swapoffi is most suitable for remote workers and digital nomads.

All membership applications are treated equally regardless of race, religion, age, gender, sexuality, location or any other demographic filter.

Our four-step verification process is applied to every membership application in the same way. We verify your identity and your home and that you have a workspace or home office, as well as Wi-Fi. These are mandatory steps for membership.

No but we plan to have an app in the future. For now, we are keeping our costs low so we can keep our membership free.

No problem, reach out to us at [email protected].