Home Office Swaps

Frequently Asked Questions

To be fully verified, all applications to join our community must pass each of the 4 steps in our validation process.

If you only pass 3, your application will be rejected.

We need to verify:
  1. You
  2. Your home
  3. Your workspace
  4. Your wifi.
Read more here.

Swapoffi is a home exchange for digital nomads, so all Swapoffi verified homes have a workspace or home office, plus Wi-Fi, as well as sleeping and living accommodation.

Work spaces are not available for swapping in isolation. The whole home must be swapped.

All homes are different, and all workspaces are different. Some workspaces might be in a corner of another room, whilst some homes have dedicated home offices. The minimum requirement to join Swapoffi is that your home must have a workspace and reliable internet. Some workspaces are basic, some are start-of-the-art.

Each Swapoffi home profile also includes a detailed profile of the features and description of the workspace within the home. Please read this information carefully to ensure it matches your working requirements.

All homes are different and that is the charm of a home exchange community.

Your low-cost annual membership gives you access to all available homes in the Swapoffi community, to travel as often as you like and for as long as you like.

It’s important to be honest when describing your home and workspace so that expectations are met. All homes are different and that is part of the charm of a home exchange community.

Use your online calendar to mark the dates your home is available for swapping.

Once you have identified a location and a home, with dates that suit you, members can communicate with each other to ask questions. This is a great opportunity to learn more before making a final decision. This community aspect of Swapoffi is important.

Treat your host’s home like your own home. Leave it as clean as when you found it.

It is very helpful for other members when hosts and guests leave a review after each swap.

For your privacy and security, keep your communications on the Swapoffi platform.

Be respectful to everyone in our community, always.

Your low-cost annual membership gives you access to all available homes in the community, to travel as often as you like and for as long as you like.

Happy swapping!

A one-way swap is when you stay in another member’s home, which has been advertised as available, but your host does not travel to your house, at the same time, or maybe never.

The host earns Swappie credits to spend another time with any other member. The guest stays for free, as all swaps.

Read “How to Swap” to learn more.

A two-way swap is when you swap your home with another verified Swapoffi member, for the same dates and same duration.

No Swappie credits are earned during a two-way swap.

Read “How to Swap” to learn more.

Browse members’ homes and destinations. Check calendars to see dates a home is available for swapping.

We encourage all members to be open- minded. Read the location information provided by each member to learn more about their area. You may come across a location new to you. Popular tourist destinations might be hard to find or might be snapped up quickly so broaden your search!

As our community grows, there will be more and more choices of homes and destinations.

Once you have found a home you would like to stay and work in, and the available dates for that home suit your needs, you can request a swap with the other member.

We strongly recommend that you use the Swapoffi platform only to communicate, for your privacy and protection.

Members are under no obligation to do confirm a swap. Swaps are agreed and confirmed by each member according to their own discretion.

A key benefit of a home exchange is the community. You can, and should, ask your potential host any question you like. You could be staying in each other’s homes, so it is in your mutual interest to get to know each other a little.

Log into Swapoffi. Ensure your calendar is UpToDate for dates your home is available for a swap. Browse members’ homes to find a destination, home and workspace that suits your travel plans and work needs.

Then simply contact the home owner, via our messaging platform, to request a swap. Home swapping is different to booking paid accommodation. Tell the home owner about yourself.

Swaps are requested, not booked.

Yes, members can swap with any other member.

The only factor that determines your ability to swap is the members’ calendar which shows the dates each home is available for swapping for.

This calendar is only available to view by members who are fully registered and who have been verified by Swapoffi.

No. Your membership fee allows you to swap as much or as little as you like, and for the duration you like. There are no extra costs.

Yes, if the home size matches your needs. Each home profile has this information readily available.

No, within 48 hours of a booked swap date, we will share relevant contact details of your host and home so you can communicate with each other outside the platform in the event of travelling without internet connection.

Apart from that scenario and for your privacy and security, keep your communications on the Swapoffi platform.

Ensure your home is clean and ready to receive guests.

Ensure your home office is ready for your guest to work in. Leave the Wi-Fi code readily available and communicate in advance where the guest might find your Wi-Fi code upon arrival.

Check and confirm your swap arrangements: date and duration of your swap.

Confirm travel options from your point of arrival in the host country or region, to your host’s house. Your host can advise you on this. Please use the Swapoffi platform to communicate with your host on all aspects of your swap, to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Confirm the time of your arrival with your host and where you can collect the key or access the property.

48 hours before your confirmed swap, we will email you with direct contact details for your host to ensure smooth communications, even without internet connections when travelling. Otherwise, always keep your communications on the Swapoffi platform.

At the end of your home swap, please ensure you leave your host’s home in at least the same condition as when you entered it.

There is no obligation to do anything at the end of a home swap however some members choose to leave a thank-you card, or a token gift from their home country.

Some swappers agree to leave basic food items in each other’s homes so you can make some coffee or tea when you return home and your fridge is not completely empty!

In all cases, it is best to communicate with your host to propose and agree arrangements.

Finally, we request both the host and the guest to leave an honest and respectful review after each swap. This may help other members decide where to travel.

Then all you have to do is book your next swap!

For your privacy and security, keep your communications on the Swapoffi platform.

Yes, through the Swapoffi platform only. It is important to us to maintain confidentiality for members, so we do not advertise or share member’s personal information.

Contact details for your host will be emailed to you at least 48 hours before your swap. This is to allow you to communicate when you are offline, and to ensure everything goes smoothly for your swap.

Bon voyage!

It is best practice in home exchange to have at least one conversation - via the Swapoffi platform - with your potential hosts.

You may have questions about the destination or home or workspace. If not, it is still a good idea to get to know each other a little bit before you stay in each other’s homes.

Remember, a home exchange is a community of like-minded people. Staying in someone’s home is a special experience. Understanding more about the home and the swapper will make it a better experience for all.

In the unlikely event of you not finding a swap, all members who have not used Swapoffi within their first 12 months of membership, automatically get a free membership for one more year.

Help us to grow our community by asking your friends and other remote workers to join Swapoffi.

No problem, reach out to us at [email protected].