Free Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

We are offering free membership for a limited time only to celebrate our launch and to encourage people to join our community. If you have missed out, sorry! but the good news is that our membership fees - 12 months- are very low cost.

Swapoffi is free to join and free to use. No money is exchanged between swappers. There are no hidden costs. There is no cost, no catch and no commitment.

Your annual membership gives you access to all available homes in the community, to travel as often as you like and for as long as you like.

Yes, you can edit or cancel your membership at any time. The calendar advertising swap dates for your home will automatically be cancelled at the same time, therefore preventing future bookings. You will still have access to your profile and all your information will be saved, unless you state it, when cancelling your membership.

Please note that existing confirmed swaps must be honoured.


No. Please be wary of anyone asking you for money on our behalf, and please report this to us.

No. Accommodation is always free between members on Swapoffi. Please be wary of anyone asking you for money claiming to be part of the Swapoffi community and please report this to us.

Our focus is on building a website and a community of verified members who swap their homes without paying for accommodation.

If we extend our services to include insurance, our costs will significantly increase and we would have to introduce a membership fee.

We strongly encourage all members to communicate with their home and travel insurance providers when swapping, and to amend their policies in line with the appropriate advice for the swap time.

In a home exchange, there are no fees or extra costs between members. However, if you are concerned about any costs, please discuss this directly with your host or guest when you are considering a swap.

When you see a swap home, destination, and dates that suit you, contact the host directly on our messaging platform. You can both ask questions about each other's homes and discuss topics such as utilities. This is an important step before confirming your home exchange.

We encourage members to keep these conversations on our platform for everyone's privacy and confidentiality.

The ethos of home exchange communities is mutual respect between hosts and guests. It is likely that someone is staying in your home whilst you are staying in their home.

We encourage honest and respectful reviews after each swap. Negative reviews, for any reason, mean it is unlikely that a member will have a swap request accepted by another member.


We recognise that all homes are different. We embrace and welcome all homes, as long as they have a workspace and reliable Wi-Fi (as well as sleeping and living accommodation).

To cater for the differences between homes, each home is scored using Swappie credits. Learn more about Swappie credits.

No. There is zero potential to make money as a Swapoffi member.

The benefits of joining Swapoffi are travelling without paying for accommodation, staying in a real home, working productively from the workspace within the home, and liaising with other members to maximise your travel experience.

Swapoffi is not about making money for members. We facilitate members to live a dream life of working whilst travelling, without ever paying for accommodation.

Great! Please ask your friends to register.

If you have a community or think you can introduce lots of people to our vision of home-swapping, you might want to consider becoming an affiliate so you can earn money for each referral you make to Swapoffi. If so, complete this short form and we will get back to you.

We have a programme especially for employers and employees.

We welcome groups and team to run internal home-swaps between colleagues who can remote work. This offers employees the benefit of travelling without paying for accommodation and provides employers with the opportunity to strengthen teams and retain staff.

The most common reasons are your membership has been rejected include:

  • We cannot verify your Swapoffi home. Please ensure the proof of address you provide for your Swapoffi property also has your name on it.
  • We cannot verify your address. Please provide a recent utility bill in your name, and with an address matching your Swapoffi property.
  • You have not uploaded sufficient images for your property. Please ensure you upload some images of your workspace, which are essential for us to verify your home has a workspace.

Swapoffi is a different type of home exchange to the traditional ones, where people swap for vacations.

Our members work and travel as a lifestyle, for one month on average, and sometimes for much longer.

Secondly, our homes are verified to have a workspace and Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to pay for co-working spaces or rented office space (or even pay for coffees to work from cafes!).

With a Swapoffi home exchange, you get a workspace and a home!

No problem, reach out to us at [email protected].