Swappie Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

Each home in our community is valued with a certain number of Swappie credits. These are earned and cannot be bought. Swappie credits are awarded based on certain features of your home such as number of bedrooms, home office or workspace features, garden or car-parking space etc.

In a two-way swap, no swappies are earned, as each member stays in the other member’s home for the same duration and at the same time.

In a one-way swap, where there is only one host and one guest, the host earns swappies, which can be spent with any member in any location at any time, depending on calendar availability. The guest does not earn any swappies. Read more about swappie credits and see how swappies are earned and spent.

We recognise that frequently, a one-way swap might take place. Why? If your home is empty for some reason, e.g., you are visiting family or friends or swapping with another Swapoffi member, you can make your home available to members via Swapoffi.

Swappies are used to reward people who host members.

Read more about swappie credits and see how swappies are earned and spent.

Log into Swapoffi. In the Personal Profile section of your dashboard, your Swappies balance will be displayed in your Swapoffi Wallet

The value of each member’s home is calculated depending on the features in your home, such as the number of beds, and also the features in your workspace or home office.

Please be accurate and honest about your home as other members rely on this information to make decisions about where to travel to and work from.

See this table to learn how the value of your home is calculated.

All homes are welcome in our community, as long as they have a workspace and Wi-Fi, and all verification documentation is supplied and approved.

If you upgrade any features in your home or workspace, your Swappies value may increase.

For example, a dedicated home office is worth more Swappies than a workspace in a room designed for another purpose, an office chair is worth more Swappies than a kitchen chair.


You earn Swappies by hosting other members in a one-way swap, where they stay in your home but you do not stay in their home.

At the end of the swap, Swappie credits from the guest member are transferred to your Swappie credit balance, as a thank-you for being a host.

Swappies can only be earned, they cannot be bought or sold. From time to time, Swapoffi may run promotions where extra Swappies can be won or awarded.

Swapoffi may run promotions when Swappies can be earned.

Swappies can never be bought or exchanged.

Swappies have no monetary value and are not transferrable.

No problem, reach out to us at [email protected].