How to Swap

Swapoffi is a community of verified home swappers who swap homes with each other so we don’t have to pay for accommodation costs, when we work and travel.

Our community is built on a shared value of not paying for accommodation. This way, our members can travel and work in comfort without worrying about the cost of accommodation.

Why pay for accommodation when you can swap it? Join Today.

There are 2 ways to swap your home.


Two Way Swap

A two-way swap is a direct swap when two members swap their homes with each other, at the same time and for the same duration.

No swappie credits are earned in a two way swap.


Swapoffi members Cristopher in Madrid and Andrea in Turin agree to swap homes from June 1st to June 21st. This is a direct swap as it is for the same dates and same length of time.

One Way Swap

A one-way swap is when you stay in another member's home, but your host does not travel to your house, now or maybe never.

Why do one-way swaps happen? Sometimes a member's home is free for another member to use but the home-owner is not free to swap. Perhaps they have a family commitment or work event, so they make their home available to other members to use.

Only the host earns swappie credits in a one-way swap.


Sarah in Lisbon marks her home as available for the month of May. She is visiting family at this time, so is not looking for a swap. She is only making her house available for the community to use for the community to use and to earn credits.

Patricia in Berlin arranges to stay in Sarah’s home for this time. As a verified member of Swapoffi, Patrica has no accommodation fees to pay. Sarah earns Swappie credits, which she can use in the future with any Swapoffi member.

About Swappie Credits

What are Swappie Credits?

Swappies are credits, similar to points or airmiles, that can be earned each time you host another member in a one-way swap.

Swappies have no monetary value, and cannot be bought or sold.
They can only be earned. From time to time, Swapoffi offers Swappie credits in promotions.

What is the point of Swappies?

To encourage swapping activity, we award Swappies to hosts for one-way swaps. Swappies are not awarded in two-way swaps, as each party mutually benefits.

How are Swappies calculated?

Each home has a nightly Swappies value, dependent on several criteria, including number of beds and workspace features.
Members can see the Swappies value of their home in their dashboard.

Calculating Swappies - Example 1

John has a one bedroom (20 swappies) apartment with a dedicated home office (20 swappies). He has superfast wifi (20 swappies). His home office contains a premium office desk (10 swappies) and premium office chair (10 swappies). He has one monitor (10 swappies), and a keyboard and mouse (5 swappies).

John's home is valued at 95 swappies per night. This means that each time John hosts another member - in a one way swap only - to stay in his home, he earns 95 swappies.

John can spend his swappies with any other member at any time.

Calculating Swappies - Example 2

James and Maria have a two bedroom (40 swappies) house. Their home office is in the corner of their second bedroom so is not a dedicated room (10 swappies). They have a regular office desk (6 swappies) and a regular office style chair (5 swappies). On their office desk, they have two monitors (20 swappies), a keyboard and mouse (5 swappies), plus a printer and scanner (8 swappies). In their area, they can only get normal speed wifi (10 swappies).

This home is valued at 104 swappies per night. This means that each time James and Maria hosts another member - in a one way swap only - to stay in their home, they earn 104 swappies to spend with any other member at any time.

How to Spend Swappies

You only spend swappies in a one way swap as only one person benefits. In a one way swap the guest spends swappies to stay in the host’s home.

The home owner earns swappies for hosting, and they can use swappies to stay in another member’s home.

Swappies are like a currency. They have value in our community. Hosts of one-way swaps can spend earned swappies with any other members who also host one-way swaps, in any location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swapoffi swaps are always about swapping the entire home. The host never stays in the home during a swap.

No, members only pay a membership fee to join. Our community is built on a shared value of not paying for accommodation. Why pay for accommodation when you can swap it?

One of our core values is to use existing resources for sustainable travel. If a home and home office are vacant, why not let verified members use them?
We love to travel but do not want to increase demand for tourist specific accommodation, which can often negatively impact the ability for local people to buy or rent local property.