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a fellow traveler and remote worker. Eager to trade home offices and broaden your horizons? Together, let's make the world our workplace!






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Brian here. I am a systems analyst for an international life insurance company . We have a new program to work abroad for a month each year so looking to swap in maybe May or Oct of this year.. I love to keep fit and active and spend a lot of time playing tennis / hiking / running and try to travel abroad a few times a year.

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, Spain

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My home is located in Waterford Ireland. Waterford is the the 4th biggest city in the ROI located in the "sunny south east" of Ireland with a population of about 60,000. Waterford was recently voted as the only Irish city in the New York Times top places to visit in 2024. Located 2 hrs from Dublin and 1.5hrs from Cork it makes it a great location to explore the Est and South of the country .from. Having access to a city center with bars / restaurants etc ,numerous beaches , cliff walks , mo

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