Hi, I’m Alison,

a fellow traveler and remote worker. Eager to trade home offices and broaden your horizons? Together, let's make the world our workplace!






Days Abroad

About Me

Hi, I'm Alison, a translator originally from the UK. During Covid/Brexit, I chose a home base in Portugal and now have a small rescue dog (who ideally I'd like to travel with!) I've house/pet sat before, mostly in Australia. I am a "former" digital nomad, though I still find myself travelling and working online as I go, just not quite as far afield as I used to! In my free time I like to read, hike, SUP, do pottery, catch up with friends and go to the cinema.

Languages I Can Speak

English, German, Spanish, Other

Preferred Swap Locations

My Home-Office

Alison's Home Office

My house is a recently renovated little village house in the Algarve. It has one double bedroom and a small office room. Open plan living/kitchen. Two shower rooms. And an amazing outdoor space, terrace overlooking the red-roofs of the village and down to the sea about 5 km away as the crow flies.

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