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London, 26th October 2023

Shortlisted for Top Ten 'Travel Start Up Of the Year' 2023, London

Future Travel Summit

Future Travel Summit
Barcelona, 27th October 2023

Shortlisted for Top 30 Future Travel Start-Ups, Barcelona

Web Summit

Web Summit
Lisbon, 13th - 17th November 2023

Selected to exhibit and pitch at the Alpha start-up section of the biggest tech show in the world.

No Cost. No Commitment. No Catch.

Airbnb isn't the only show in town! Don't pay for accommodation, swap!
Swap your home with other remote workers in our verified community to enjoy free accommodation every time you travel.
Home swapping is the way to go for affordable and sustainable travel.
Join Swapoffi so we can all travel more and for longer.

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Sustainable Way To Travel

As well as offering an affordable way to travel, Swapoffi also offers the most sustainable way to travel.
Home swaps use existing homes, which might otherwise be empty. Using homes instead of hotels or private rentals avoids feeding demand for tourist specific accommodation.
If you swap homes instead, you pay zero for accommodation and you are not affecting the local property market.


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Verified members request to swap homes with each other. Homes of all descriptions are welcome if they have a workspace and Wi-Fi, as our members are remote workers. Use our calendar to show when your home is available for a swap.
Browse homes, workspaces or destinations to find your perfect swap.
Send a request or ask questions using our private chat for your privacy. There is no pressure to accept a swap is completely up to you.
Swapoffi doesn’t just connect people and homes, we verify too.

This question is asked a lot, especially for those new to home swapping. So, we have written a dedicated blog post about it.

Yes. There is no membership fee to join Swapoffi. No money is exchanged between members. There are no hidden extras. We do not need your credit card or bank details. No third party will ask you for money for Swapoffi.
It’s no commitment, no cost and no catch!

You can request swaps from other verified members, wherever they are in the world.
Home swapping is not like booking accommodation. Members request swaps with each other. It is normal to request several swaps before confirmation of one. You will be more successful if you are open minded.
Use our advanced search and filter to find your ideal swap.
To maximise swaps, keep your calendar updated and be open minded to locations.

There are so many reasons to swap homes instead of paying for accommodation. Here are just some:
  • You get free accommodation every time you swap. Unlimited.
  • You can travel more and for longer as you will have more money.
  • You are not driving demand for tourist specific accommodation.
  • You use existing resources that might otherwise be empty.
  • You can stay longer through home swapping. Our average swap request is for one month.
Airbnb has normalised staying in other people’s homes since 2008. Some might say it has been a victim of its own success, as local property prices and local people are affected by rising prices in locations such as Barcelona. Home swapping is a sustainable and affordable way of travelling for today’s 35million digital nomads.