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At Swapoffi, we're redefining travel for the modern adventurer - the remote worker. After all, why limit yourself to travelling while you’re on holiday, when you can travel even while you’re working? That’s what we call the perfect balance between work and wanderlust! Our unique approach revolves around homes that are not just places to stay but also places to work productively. Unlike other home swap websites, we verify that every registered home has Wi-Fi and a dedicated workspace (or two!)
Not a remote worker but have a fully set-up workspace and Wifi at your home? No worries! You can still join and take advantage of the free housing swap opportunities.

Verified and Work-Ready Homes

If you’re a remote worker, you know the importance of having all the necessary tools to stay connected. Picture this: a verified home where you not only have a comfortable place to stay but also the essential work amenities – a reliable Wi-Fi connection and a dedicated workspace. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of working remotely in unfamiliar places or loud cafės with weak Wi-Fi. Our rigorous verification process ensures that each home is work-ready, taking the stress out of your travel experience. Less stress, more travel!

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A Kind and Sustainable Way to Travel

Swapoffi makes it possible to travel in a way that's kind to your wallet and to the environment. Home swaps use existing homes that might otherwise sit empty, which cuts down on the demand for tourist-specific accommodations. By opting for home exchanges, not only do you pay zero for accommodation, but you also actively contribute to minimising the impact on the local property market. Swapoffi champions a sustainable journey where every swap becomes a small step towards a greener and more responsible way of exploring our world.

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London, 26th October 2023

Shortlisted for Top Ten 'Travel Start Up Of the Year' 2023, London

Future Travel Summit

Future Travel Summit
Barcelona, 27th October 2023

Shortlisted for Top 30 Future Travel Start-Ups, Barcelona

Web Summit

Web Summit
Lisbon, 13th - 17th November 2023

Selected to exhibit and pitch at the Alpha start-up section of the biggest tech show in the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the key things to know about home swaps:

Everyone is welcome to join and get verified. Once verified, all members can request to swap homes with each other. Moreover, all homes are welcome, as long as they have a workspace and Wi-Fi.

Both two-way-swaps and one-way swaps are possible.

Browse homes, workspaces, swap durations, or destinations to find the one you like, and use the calendar to see when it is available for a swap. Flexible on dates? Keep your options open and decide it over chat. Send a request or ask questions using our private chat for your privacy. Once your request gets accepted - start planning for your trip!

Remember that there is no pressure to accept a swap - it is completely up to you!

Swapoffi is currently free to join and free to use. Join now and enjoy 12 months free membership with unlimited swap requests.

This question is asked a lot, especially for those new to home swapping. So, we have written a dedicated blog post about it.

You can request swaps from other verified members, wherever they are in the world. Just use our search and filter to find your ideal swap.

But remember, home swapping is not like booking accommodation. Members request swaps with each other, and there’s no guarantee that your request will be accepted. That is why we suggest writing a detailed bio in your profile to set you apart from other swappers.

With home exchange in general, expect to make approximately 10 swap requests to get one accepted. Make several swap requests to increase a chance of getting a swap requested. Become a member to receive email notifications of new homes.

There are so many reasons to swap homes instead of paying for accommodation. Here are just a few of them:

  • You get free accommodation every time you swap. Unlimited.
  • You can travel more and for longer as you will have more money.
  • You are not driving demand for tourist specific accommodation.
  • You use existing resources that might otherwise be empty.
  • You can stay longer through home swapping. Most of our users prefer a long-term house swap, with the average request time being one month.
Still not convinced? We’ve got a post on the biggest reasons why home exchanges are better than Airbnb and Booking.