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If you would like to travel without paying for accommodation and work in a dedicated work space. Support us by joining our community
Seeing signed up members tells us you think this is a great idea too.
We are a 100% self-funded start-up.

We Want Your Homes

The more members we have, the more locations we can all travel to, without paying for accommodation. All homes are welcome in the Swapoffi community - from studios to mansions, urban to rural.
Our only requirement is that each home has a dedicated work space or home office with strong and reliable wifi, in addition to sleeping and living accommodation. This is what makes Swapoffi different to other home exchanges.

No Commitment and No Catches

For now, please support our mission of building a home exchange community for digital nomads. There is no fee and no commitment. We do not require your credit card details.
Annual membership costs only €156 per person for unlimited swaps. Choose monthly membership for shorter travel plans. See our pricing plans.
Membership is free for the first 500 verified members.
Swapoffi will always be transparent and easy to join and easy to cancel.

By Digital Nomads for Digital Nomads

Yes please, I can work remotely and would love to work from someone else's desk in another location without paying per night for accommodation. Join now


The Future for Swapoffi

Everything happens on the Swapoffi platform. For your safety and privacy, members will upload, edit and view profiles, browse homes and destinations, communicate with other members, plan and make swaps, and after, post reviews and testimonials. Future plans also include an app.

We are working hard right now to deliver all of these features.

Please join Swapoffi so we can build our community.

What the co-founders have to say

Remote working opened up the ability to travel and work, which is so exciting to me, but the cost of accommodation is a major limiting factor.

I could not find a way around this so I came up with the idea for Swapoffi. We can still travel and work, without paying for accommodation.

What's not to like ?

Sandra, Co-Founder, Swapoffi
I travel a lot for work and to see my family who live in a different country. I am tired of working on kitchen tables, sitting on sofas and armchairs or in cafes or hotel lobbies. I do my best work with a large monitor, an office chair and a work desk. Swapoffi gives me that, without paying for accommodation or co-working spaces.

When Sandra came to me with her idea, I immediately saw the problem Swapoffi solves for workers like me.

Denise, Co-Founder, Swapoffi

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If you are a remote worker or digital nomad,
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