What is Swapoffi

Swapoffi is a community of digital nomads and remote workers who swap homes with workspaces so we can live a dream life of travelling and working, without paying for accommodation.

Join our home exchange community today. The more homes we have, the more locations we can all travel to.

4 Step Verification Process

In our market research, people told us that verification and trust are key to a successful swap.

We heard you.
So we have a 4 step verification process which verifies you, your home, your home office and your wifi robustness.


Verify the home office & WIFI

  • Home office: Describe your workspace. Select all the features in your workspace from our extensive menu.
  • WIFI: We get indepent verification of your home's wifi speed and robustness.
  • WIFI: Proof of wifi is essential to our members.


Verify the home

  • Home status: We ask to see a copy of your lease or mortgage statement matching your name to the property address.
  • Home description: We request photos of each room.


Verify the person

  • Identity: We ask to see your passport or another form of national identity.
  • Address: We ask to see recent utility bills and bank statements with matching address for the home listed.
  • Email: We check that your submitted email is valid.
  • Mobile number: We check that your phone number works.


What Swapoffi
Members Do

We love to travel, and we work when we travel. So we want to get the best out of both.

We want to work from a comfortable and productive work environment. We don't want to work in a cafe, or on a balcony or sitting at a kitchen table.

We don't want to spend time searching for suitable work environments each time we travel. We would rather be on the beach or exploring.

We don't want to pay for a workspace as well as paying for accommodation.

With Swapoffi, every home comes with a workspace and accommodation is always free.


Home Insurance

Please inform your home insurer about your home swapping plans and make any necessary amendments to your home insurance policy for the swap period. Swapoffi does not provide any insurance for anyone. See our terms and conditions to learn more.

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Travel Insurance

When booking travel insurance, please ensure that this covers your destination(s), duration and accomodation. Swapoffi does not provide any insurance for anyone. See our terms and conditions to learn more.

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Join Swapoffi Today

Swapoffi’s most important asset is our community.

Through swapping, we all get to enjoy a dream life of working whilst travelling, without paying for accommodation.

So if you want to travel the world, and work productively, join Swappoffi today.